Our Infrastructure

With one of the largest cold storage facilities in India, an in-house manufacturing unit and a robust research & development department, Gopal snacks have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure in Rajkot. This enabled us to manufacture premium quality products without any compromise on taste.

We believe in procuring machines from within the country instead of relying on western technology, This not only helps us utilize the costs for the welfare of the employees but also creates new opportunities for the Indian engineers.

Our R & D Department

Gopal Snacks has a dynamic in-house R&D department which comprises a team of talented and experienced engineers. Instead of outsourcing the research and development of new products, we have created a strong department where the engineers strive to achieve the impossible.

Fully Automated Plant

To dispatch the items at the best possible transport schedule, the operational conditions of multilevel automated warehouses and automated material transfer equipment (conveyors, traverses, AGV, etc.) are monitored.

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From raw material input to production, packing, and warehouse, the company has developed a fully automated, no-human-touch technology material transfer system.

The quality of the transport schedule and whether or not exception processing is necessary to have a significant impact on the transport capabilities and steady operation quality level of automated warehouse control systems. Our automated warehouse control system has a solid reputation for being high-quality and easy to use.

In House Logistic Image

In - House Logistics

Networking for distribution is a very challenging task. To fulfil our promise to each of our channel partners to provide the highest quality service, we have purchased and established an in-house logistics system.

Gopal Snacks has a fleet of more than 250 heavy-duty trucks, which are operated and maintained directly by us. This enables us to reach the farthest corners of India while monitoring the time and optimizing the speed of delivery.

Automobile Workshop

In-House Automobile Workshop

The dedication to staying true to our promise further extends to the maintenance of the fleet of trucks. Our crew in the auto shop is perfectly equipped to handle any type of upkeep, services, painting, and production of a full body for our vehicles.

Fryums Unit

Fryums Unit

We have our in-house manufacturing capability for raw snack pellets, a distinction that sets us apart from other companies.

Besan Unit

Besan Unit

Gopal Snacks has a systematic besan unit which has the capacity to produce 100 tonnes of besan. The raw material is manufactured in-house to ensure that standards of quality are maintained.

Direct intake from Farmers

Direct intake from farmers

Gopal Snacks believes in supporting the farmers, who are the backbone of the Indian economy. Hence, the materials for manufacturing such as potatoes, chana etc are directly sourced from the farmers, eliminating the middleman.

Machinery Manufacturing

In House Machinery Manufacturing

The machinery used for the production of the vast portfolio of products is manufactured in-house. This not only allows us to customize it according to our needs but also promotes the employment of Indian engineers.

Masala Unit

We have a dedicated state-of-the-art masala unit, where the seasoning for all of our products is carefully crafted to perfection. Our spices retain their original colour and aroma, and our commitment to using only Non-GMO ingredients ensures that our products are pure and natural. We abstain from using artificial colours, additives, preservatives, and MSG in our products, and our stringent hygiene standards ensure that every batch is hygienically processed to the highest standards.

Masala Units
Cold Storage

Cold Storage

We have one of the largest cold storage facilities in India which enables us to keep the ingredients fresh and maintain quality standards.

100% in-house Constructions

100% in-house Constructions

We pride ourselves on conducting all construction endeavours entirely in-house, utilising our proprietary and specially designed machinery. Furthermore, all construction vehicles utilized in these efforts are owned and operated by us.

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

We adhere to The Gujarat Pollution Control Board's ETP and STP standards throughout our plants. This allows us to create an environment-friendly infrastructure and be mindful of our footprint.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The entire facility is equipped with biogas plants and solar panels to be in line with renewable energy practices.