Mr. Bipin Hadvani
Founder, Director

Shri Bipinbhai is the man with a vision who gave birth to Gopal Namkeen. His unique way of approach to building businesses has been at the core of Gopal’s unprecedented success and love from the consumers. His philosophy is “Take care of your employees, customers and stake holders, the business will take care of itself.” A very down to earth and a natural leader who is committed to take Gopal Namkeen to every corner of India and the world. As he says “Gopal is not just my company, it belongs to all our employees.”

Mr. Praful Hadvani

Shri Prafulbhai is elder brother of Bipinbhai. He joined Gopal Namkeen in year 2000. Prafulbhai played a vital role in the significant growth in sales turnover and geographical reach. He looks after the complete gamut of activities of Sales & Marketing, Dealer Appointment and development. He has a knack of building sustainable systems and structures. "He believes in equality for all staff. A firm believer of treating staff members & distributors same as family member."

Mrs. Daxa B. Hadvani

Mrs. Daxaben has been part of the Journey of Gopal Namkeen from Day one. She looks after more than 500 female staff in the business. She is deeply committed to improving the quality of all staff specifically female staff. As she firmly says “ we do not have employees, we have daughters”. Daxaben plays a critical role of looking after Gopal’s most valued assets – its people.